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Mail for multiple users on a network PC

This tip will save you hours in setting up mail for different users who are using the same Windows 2000 PC on a network.

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  • Set up the PC with all the common components that you normally use on your network. Make sure it is perfect -- this will be the default profile.
  • Go to control panel > Mail > Exchange Server >properties.
  • Set up the mail and enter your Exchange Server name.
  • For the user name enter %username% and click > apply (you can't leave it blank.)
  • Save your profile as the default user.
  • Reboot
  • Go back into mail properties and change %username% to blank (nothing at all in the line,) and apply.
  • Save that profile now as the default user > everyone and reboot.

This tip will save administrators hours in setting up mail for different users who are using the same Windows 2000 PC in a network environment. Once a user logs on, they will have access to their specific mailbox automatically: Now log on as you, a training ID or another person and open the corresponding mail. Although I haven't tried it, this should work in XP as well.
This was last published in July 2002

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