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Changing default Exchange addresses

Exchange Tip: Changing default Exchange addresses

Changing default Exchange addresses

Exchange sets up several default addresses for users when they're added to the list of users. You can change these addresses using Exchange's built-in administrative tools. This tip, excerpted from, discusses how to do that, and why.


To change the default root component of the Exchange e-mail recipients, open the Site Addressing object from the configuration component of the Exchange site. Then select the Site Addressing tab, and edit the e-mail addresses for each e-mail type.

Changing the default Site Addressing can effectively hide the Exchange servers, and support a uniform organization address for the entire organization. This is usually done with Unix Sendmail and the Sendmail CF file, but with Exchange the process is quite simple.

Changing the default site addressing offers a way to secure the Exchange server and NT user accounts from intruders, and create user-friendly names for the recipients.

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This was last published in November 2000

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