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Automate mailbox cleanup

Set up Recipeint Mailbox Management Policies in Exchange 2000 to automate mailbox cleanup.

By setting up up Recipient Mailbox Management Policies in Exchange 2000, you can automate the mailbox cleanup process...

to ensure your mail system is not cluttered with out of date or unwanted information.

As most Exchange Administrators know, mailboxes tend to get cluttered with out of date information, as users tend to want to keep everything, including items in their deleted items.

You can automate a cleanup of any folder in their mailboxes by implementing a Recipient Policy from the Exchange System Manager. This allows you to set both age limits and size limits for the cleanup process of these folders, as well as setup a notification message once the scheduled policy runs. This policy can also be set on a per server basis.

This was last published in November 2001

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