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The great Exchange word scramble -- answered!

Here is what you have been waiting for: the answers to the great Exchange word scramble.

Here is what you have been waiting for: the answers to the great Exchange word scramble!

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Server – RESVRE
Mail router -- IMLA URRETO
Protocol -- OTLOROPC
Active Directory -- EIACTV YTCIORDER
Browser -- OBERSRW
Migration -- RMNAGIOIT
Deployment -- DEPNEYMOTL
Hardware clustering -- RARWEDHA TGSCNIERUL
junk email -- UKNJ IALME
Virtual Private Network -- TIRVLUA VIREAPT OTEKNWR
Outlook Web Access -- TOOULKO EBW SCEACS
Firewall -- LEIALRWF
Backup and recovery -- APKUCB DAN EVOERCYR
Instant Messaging -- NATSINT EGNISAGSM
Server Administration -- ERRVSE MNSINORAITAITD
Spam prevention -- MPAS ETONPRNEVI
Lotus Notes -- OTSLU TESON
Calendar -- LADREACN
Microsoft Exchange -- SOMFOTIRC XNAHGECE
Installable file system -- LAIEALBSLNT ELFI MYTSES
Attachment -- ECTATHTAMN
Blended threats -- EENDDBL STRTAEH
Security -- ISYCRUTE
Domain -- NIMADO

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