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July 2011, Vol. 10

Five steps to preparing for Exchange virtualization failures

Just like physical Exchange servers, virtualized Exchange servers go down. So, what do you do when your virtualized Exchange infrastructure breaks? The answer is simple: Be ready for the failure before it happens. A little preparation can make all the difference when a problem occurs. With Exchange Server virtualization, there are five crucial steps you should take to make sure you’re ready for anything. 1. Diagram your infrastructure. It’s entirely possible that your company’s entire virtual infrastructure (network, storage, servers and virtualization software) was designed by someone else. In many cases, though, you are the person who has to troubleshoot it when something goes wrong. By creating a diagram of your virtual infrastructure, you'll know what’s connected to what and where potential single points of failure lurk. (Here’s a hint: Check your storage area network or core switch for impending failure points). If you’re running Exchange Server 2010 on VMware vSphere, you can use vSphere’s mapping tool to diagram your ...

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