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July 2010, Vol. 6

The real price of Exchange Server in the cloud

Microsoft has been heavily invested in the cloud for some time and is continuing to push cloud-based applications. Operating Exchange Server in the cloud might sound like a great idea, but it makes a lot of sense to examine the pros and cons of doing so before you spend time convincing others that it’s the way to go. Savings or losses: Running the numbers For many organizations, the most attractive aspect of running Exchange Server in the cloud is the cost savings. Running Exchange Server on-premise isn’t cheap. At a minimum, it requires a reasonably equipped server, a Windows Server license, an Exchange Server license, client access licenses for Windows and client access licenses for Exchange. Therefore, even a small Exchange Server deployment can require an initial investment of several thousand dollars. In addition to initial costs, there are guaranteed to be additional costs for ongoing server maintenance, antivirus software licenses and necessary backup infrastructure. Furthermore, most Exchange Server deployments require ...

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