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July 2009, Vol. 2

Part 2: Deploying Exchange 2007 server roles

The entire Exchange Server architecture was redesigned for Exchange 2007. One result of this redesign is that Exchange 2007 servers have been assigned specific roles. Although server roles existed in Exchange Server 2003, there were fewer and they weren't as formally defined. When planning your Exchange Server migration, you'll have to take these server roles into account. This specifically means that you must deploy your Exchange 2007 servers in a particular order. The first server role that you must deploy is the Client Access Server (CAS), which, in Exchange 2007, is the equivalent of a front-end OWA server. Once your CAS is in place and has been tested, you can decommission the front-end OWA server. Deploy the Hub Transport Server next. In Exchange Server 2007, all messages flow through the Hub Transport Server, regardless of whether they're sent internally or externally. While the idea of a Hub Transport Server may seem odd, every Exchange Server 2007 organization has at least one. However, unless you have a very large ...

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