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July 2009, Vol. 2

Best and worst practices for email archiving in Exchange Server

Managing an email system can be difficult and frustrating. Email administrators battle with Exchange Server maintenance and storage allocation while scurrying to meet stringent business plans and hunting down the CEO's lost email message. Enterprise environments add to this burden with the demands of email archiving -- storing the right content in the right place for the right length of time. Roles and responsibilities Email archiving involves long-term storage and recovery of incoming and outgoing email messages. The choice of which messages to keep, how long to keep them and where to store these messages are all part of the organization's overall records retention and regulatory compliance policies. Archived email messages and attachments must be searchable and recoverable to meet the daily needs of email users, as well as the more demanding needs of compliance auditors and legal electronic discovery (e-discovery). Many tools are available to automate and manage message archiving and retrieval. But, even with the best ...

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