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Guide to secure better Exchange admin jobs

Exchange admin jobs are highly sought after, so get a leg up on the competition by practicing for the interview and honing your expertise and skills.


Coveted Exchange admin jobs are hard to get, but with the right training, skills and preparation, you could find yourself in a new role soon.

No matter your area of expertise, practicing for interviews is a must. With the proper guidance, you can prepare for anything prospective employers are likely to ask.

To move up in an IT organization, or establish your role in a new one, brush up on your Exchange skills and consider renewing older certifications.

1Master the interview-

Open the door to Exchange admin jobs

Landing a new Exchange admin job can be a difficult endeavor, and getting an interview is the first step. Make sure you don't blow it -- prepare yourself for the questions that lie ahead. Before meeting with a prospective employer, practice discussing your Exchange or related email administration experience, certifications and expertise.


Stand out with compliance, security aptitude

If you're interviewing for an Exchange admin position, be prepared to answer questions about your expertise in security procedures and compliance standards. And don't be surprised if a prospective employer brings up the cloud. Continue Reading


Impress interviewers with technical proficiency

Rehearse for an Exchange job interview by reviewing your expertise with Exchange environments and virtualizing Exchange services and tools. These example questions will help you ace the interview. Continue Reading


Will education and certifications give you a leg up?

Exchange admin jobs take people skills and wide-ranging technical expertise. Before heading to an interview, prepare for these questions about your background, certifications and IT experience. Continue Reading


Windows admin interview prep questions

If you're interviewing for a Windows admin position, you need to stand out from the other candidates. Prepare for the interview with these five questions about your experience -- with specific examples. Continue Reading


Five tips to land the Windows admin job

From reading books to preparing for the job interview, there are endless ways to ensure you get an offer. Strengthen your Windows Server interview skills with these five career tips. Continue Reading

2Skillful administration-

The skills for Exchange admin success

Certain Exchange skills are more worthwhile to review than others when preparing for an interview. Study topics like PowerShell, how to set up and monitor security tools, load balancing and virtualization. With these skills, you're as good as hired.


Eight skills to enhance your Exchange expertise

How much do you know about PowerShell or integrating SharePoint, Lync and Office Web Apps? These kinds of advanced Exchange skills and topics will take your capabilities up a notch. Continue Reading


Master your messaging environment

If you're business savvy, manage your time wisely, work hard and are receptive to collaboration, you may have what it takes to excel in Exchange security. These skills will help you keep up with hackers. Continue Reading


Conquer PowerShell scripting, not GUI

PowerShell is a vital skill for Exchange admins. Since Microsoft is pushing for more scripting and less graphical user interface, it's time to engage in PowerShell. Continue Reading


Six ways to improve your Exchange security skills

Good hands-on security experience is hard to come by. So what's the best method to find vulnerabilities and learn how to abate business risks? Here are six ways admins can supplement their Exchange setup and improve their security skills. Continue Reading


Improve your Exchange 2013 setup in five steps

Every Exchange deployment is different, but there are five areas every admin can improve. Review assessment tools, load balancing options and others. Continue Reading


What to do when you inherit a messy Exchange environment

If you're walking into a strange server infrastructure, avoid confusion. Follow this checklist to make sense of the configuration. Continue Reading

3Resources to help you grow-

Tools to move you up the ladder

Tactical books and Microsoft certifications will give you the tools to succeed in current and future Exchange admin jobs. It's never too late to become certified or branch out into new areas. These resources will start you on the right path.


Conversational Geeks guide an Office 365 migration

What's the best way to understand confusing technology concepts? Chat about it. The Conversational Geeks explain how to migrate to Office 365. Continue Reading


How Microsoft's cert program concerns Exchange admins

Microsoft updated its certification program to address the increased interest in cloud technologies among corporate IT shops. See how the changes affect the Exchange admin job market. Continue Reading


What happened to the Microsoft Learning cert?

Low participation rates caused Microsoft Learning to cancel two certification programs, leaving some Exchange admins to wonder what's going on. MVPs explain how industry certifications compare. Continue Reading


Prepare to pass the MCSE exam

Microsoft's MCSE exam preparation guide covers Exchange 2015 in two parts to offer test takers the best options for certification. Come up with a plan for success and don't stress about the test. Continue Reading


The MVP program revamped

The changes to the MVP program highlight technical concentration in 10 broader Microsoft categories. Read up on the newest categories and how this may affect your MVP status. Continue Reading

4Cert's the word-

Language to get you hired

These certifications and accolades will give you a boost when applying for Exchange admin jobs. Each proves you're an expert in your field, so renew your old certs and add them to your resume.

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