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Exchange in recovery mode

I am connecting to a server running BackOffice 2000 that is also running Exchange 2000 (SP3). My email client is Outlook 2003. When I run Outlook I get a Microsoft Exchange Server Message that says "Exchange is currently in recovery mode. You can either connect to your Exchange server through the network, work offline, or cancel this logon". When I press the connect button Outlook loads like normal. I have tried to repair the installation and have reset the account properties but I still can't get rid of this message. Any suggestions?
The only time I have seen this error message appear is when an old email profile is used against an information store that has been recovered, restored or imported. This occurs because the Outlook 2003 maintains more cached information about the database, and if you restore a previous database, or import it during a migration, you can get this message.

To resolve the problem, delete the existing mail profile and create a new one. The error message should no longer...

This was last published in March 2004

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