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Can we automate NTBackup restores on Exchange 2003?

Is it possible to automate NTBackup restores on Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Windows Server 2003? Our expert weighs in.

I have Exchange Server 2003 running on Windows 2003. Every morning, we do an incremental backup, and every night a full copy backup, using the NTBackup utility.

I use a script (or *.bks file) to accomplish the backup, but I need to know how to do the restoration using the...

NTbackup utility automatically (even command-line parameters to restore).

Unfortunately you cannot use command-line options to initiate a restore using NTBackup. This is described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 814583, How to use command line parameters with the NTBackup command in Windows Server 2003.

You'll see that command-line control over backup procedures is supported, but recovery requires use of the Backup and Restore Wizard.


So how do you automate an Exchange server restore, if not through ntbackup.exe?
—Chris D.


You'll need to evaluate third-party backup solutions or some of the specialized third-party Exchange recovery solutions on the market in order to find a solution that can provide automated recovery.
—David Sengupta, Exchange Backup and Recovery expert

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This was last published in February 2005

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