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Can I convert priv.edb to .pst per user mailbox?

My server crashed but I was able to copy priv.edb to my computer. How can I convert it to .pst per user mailbox? There is no way to convert a priv.edb file to a PST file, or even to a series of PST files. Instead, what you need to do is build a new replacement server in the same domain as the old one, and using the same name as the crashed server. Then, install Exchange and swap out the default priv.edb with your priv.edb and try to mount it. Once it is mounted you can use ExMerge to export the data from the mounted priv.edb file and import it into PST files.
This was last published in February 2004

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On web there are number of tools which offer "Selective" EDB to PST conversion. You can select any of them. Among all those I would suggest you to use Stellar's tool is one of the most reliable and secure tool for extracting pst file of EDB data.
Yes.Manually you can convert priv1.edb files to pst.Try Powershell tools
Yes, several third party applications are available for convert data from EDB to PST format so select any software that is developed by trust worthy company.