Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 nears release date

Exchange Server 2010 has been released to manufacturing, leaving IT managers nothing left to do but play around with the beta release and wait for the final version to drop. Here are some articles to get you ready until latest Exchange Server iteration is available.

With the recent release to manufacturing of Exchange Server 2010, IT managers are getting a lot of useful features such as built-in archiving capabilites. There is a warning for those looking to migrate, however. For those planning a move, Exchange 2010 requires either Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

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In addition to new archiving features -- which will please many IT shops that may have used third-party vendors, or even nothing in the past -- other enhancements include the MailTips feature and a new Exchange Control Panel.

This is just the beginning. Follow all of our upcoming coverage of Exchange Server 2010 as we draw closer to its final release in the next month.

Microsoft readies Exchange Server 2010 release candidate
The release candidate for Exchange Server 2010 is available. But since Windows Server 2008 R2 won't support Exchange 2007, IT shops using it will need to move to Exchange 2010.

New high availability features in Exchange Server 2010
In this tip, Microsoft Exchange Server expert Brien Posey explains some high availability improvements in Exchange 2010. He also details changes to clustered and non-clustered mailbox servers, improvements to scalability and more.

Brien Posey
Brien Posey, Exchange MVP

Digging deeper into Exchange Server 2010
The release of Exchange Server 2010 brings a plethora of new features. Discover how Database Availability Groups have changed high availability and site resilience, get details on the Exchange Control Panel feature for OWA and learn about enhancements to Unified Messaging.

Exchange Server 2010 public beta rolls out new features
With the Exchange Server 2010 public beta available, the public has a chance to play around with its new features. Read about a few new features available in Exchange 2010, including MailTips and improvements to message archiving.

Exchange Server: Email archiving tips and hosted services trends
In this podcast with Exchange MVP Missy Koslosky, she discusses what customers are looking for in Exchange 2010.

Microsoft fortifies Exchange Server with archiving
With Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft has marched into an area that was solely owned by archiving third-party partners.

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