ZANTAZ EAS (Enterprise Archive Solution) 4.2

ZANTAZ EAS (Enterprise Archive Solution) 4.2

Messaging: Archiving and Compliance

Gold Award:

ZANTAZ EAS (Enterprise Archive Solution) 4.2

The coveted Gold Award in the Archiving and Compliance category of's Products of the Year goes to ZANTAZ EAS (Enterprise Archive Solution) 4.2, from Zantaz Inc. Version 4.2 builds on ZANTAZ EAS, an information retention product that creates efficient, searchable archives for the retention, management and control of e-mail. ZANTAZ EAS 4.2 gives organizations tools to securely search and package digital information for discovery management applications.

Our judges gave ZANTAZ EAS 4.2 top marks across the board for innovation, support and ease of use, but this updated product really stood out from the rest in performance. The upgrade of ZANTAZ EAS boasts a distributed processing architecture, inherent enterprise-wide single-instance storage, automatic PST file handling and supervision and real-time pre-review functionality.

A key driver for ZANTAZ EAS 4.2's new advanced features lies in EAS Discovery, a new product included in the upgrade that allows a user to pre-process data in the ZANTAZ EAS archive and put this data into PST packets. The PST packets can then be extracted into a wide range of electronic discovery products, including the industry-leading ZANTAZ Introspect.

ZANTAZ EAS 4.2 is a step toward the creation of a fully integrated Information Retention and Discovery Management offering. This product handles the archival, retrieval, management and long-term retention of messages through features such as:

  • Managing the capture, index, archival, search and retrieval of e-mail messages and attachments, including all compliance-related meta data.
  • Saving storage space without losing corporate information.
  • Archiving large amounts of e-mail and attachments and maintaining the ability to instantly search and retrieve amongst millions of e-mail messages.
  • Eliminating the mailbox management burden from end users and administrators.
  • Simplifying Microsoft Exchange migration and recovery.
  • Optimizing storage resources by offloading Exchange servers into a more cost-effective storage system.
  • Performing frequently required user and group administrative tasks quickly and efficiently with integrated Active Directory tab interface.

Pricing: ZANTAZ EAS 4.2 price is listed at $20 per mailbox at 10,000 mailboxes.

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