User Authentication for Microsoft Outlook and OWA

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  • Guide: Tightening Exchange Server security

    Exchange Server is susceptible to a range of different security threats. We’ve compiled our top tips to help protect you from these vulnerabilities and risks. 

  • Lock down direct file access and protect OWA users

    Built-in OWA security features may not be enough to secure direct file access. If you can't disable the feature, what's the next best security measure? 

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    Based on your views, here are the top five Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) tips of 2008. Discover how to customize an OWA authentication logon, fix message size limits, repair damaged virtual directories and more with this collection of top tips. 

  • How to improve Outlook Web Access (OWA) security

    Two big Outlook Web Access security issues are email attachments and OWA user authentication. Get tips on how to improve Outlook Web Access security here. 

  • Configuring SSL for Exchange Server 2003

    Because OWA is installed by default with Exchange 2003, configuring SSL encryption is necessary to provide secure communications. This tip looks at the steps required to use SSL. 

  • Vouch by Reference (VBR)

    Vouch By Reference (VBR) is a protocol for adding third-party certification to email. The first part of the protocol requires the sender to add information to their email header by creating a field called VBR-Info. 

About User Authentication for Microsoft Outlook and OWA

User authentication for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) is vital to Microsoft Exchange Server email security. Find out how to properly authenticate users, troubleshoot user authentication issues, and enforce authentication security policies with these tips and tutorials.