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  • Don't dismiss the power of PowerShell

    This essential e-zine reviews key BYOD concerns and considerations for Exchange admins, and offers tips for addressing the technical logistics of delivering secure email access to mobile devices. Learn how to leverage PowerShell scripts, ActiveSync d... 

  • Help with Office 365, mobile devices, Exchange security

    In this edition of the Exchange Insider, explore how to migrate to Office 365. As more companies turn to Office 365, we'll answer your most common questions, and you will learn about mobile device support in the cloud, including the pros and cons of ... 

  • Prepping BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Exchange 2010 SP1

    BlackBerry Enterprise Server is still the de facto standard for company-wide mobile devices, but with so many BlackBerry Enterprise Server editions on the market, choosing the right can be a tricky endeavor. Volume 8 of the Exchange Insider e-zine co... 

  • Learning from successful Exchange Server migrations

    A recent survey of Exchange professionals shows that 75% of those responding have migrated to Exchange Server 2007 already or plan to do so soon. In this issue of Exchange Insider e-zine, get an in-depth look at some real-world Exchange 2007 migratio... 

  • greylist (or graylist)

    A greylist (also spelled graylist) is a list of e-mail addresses or domain names that a spam filter uses to identify suspected spam. If a message arrives from an address or domain on the list, it will be quarantined and then delivered to the subscri... 

  • reverse proxy server

    A reverse proxy server is a proxy server that relays connection requests for inbound network traffic. 

  • Sender ID

    Sender ID is Microsoft's proposed e-mail sender authentication protocol designed to protect against domain spoofing and phishing exploits. 

  • distribution list

    In e-mail applications, a distribution list is a group of mail recipients that is addressed as a single recipient. 

  • HailStorm

    Part of Microsoft's .Net initiative, HailStorm is the company's plan to provide a single place on the Web where any individual user (who pays a fee) may securely store personal and financial information that can be shared with others when desired (fo... 

  • Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS)

    Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS), part of the Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 Servers, manages the association of workstation names and locations with Internet Protocol addresses (IP addresses) without the user or an administrator having to be in... 

About Mobile Devices

Microsoft Exchange Server administrators often have to manage Windows Mobile devices, BlackBerrys, and smartphones as part of their email and messaging administration duties. These tips and tutorials will help you master Exchange Server mobile device management technologies like ActiveSync and Direct Push and teach you how to correctly set up, synchronize and secure your corporate mobile devices.