Microsoft Exchange Server Monitoring and Logging

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  • Lessen your client access server burden via throttling policies

    Users can connect to Exchange Server 2010 using several different methods, which can overwork a client access server. Setting up client-throttling policies via the Exchange Management Shell will evenly distribute Exchange Server resources. 

  • Mailscape 4.4

    Discover Mailscape 4.4, an Exchange systems management tool that helps admins proactively manage, monitor and troubleshoot multiple Exchange servers. 

  • AppAnalyzer 4.0 for Exchange

    Get an introduction to AppAnalyzer 4.0 for Exchange tool which helps email administrators, IT personnel and executives understand Exchange Server usage. 

  • Quest ChangeAuditor for Exchange

    Check out Quest's ChangeAuditor, which gives Exchange administrators the tools to audit Exchange Server activities and provides alerts when changes occur. 

  • Azaleos OneStop ViewXchange

    Azaleos OneStop ViewXchange dashboard add-on tool lets customers view their Exchange Server system health, performance and activity information as well as email access and delivery performance data. 

  • Top Exchange Server performance monitoring and troubleshooting tools

    Maintaining a healthy Exchange server is critical to achieving peak performance. Leveraging the monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities of tools such as the Performance Monitor, which prevents growth-related performance issues through capacity pl... 

  • How to generate HTML reports with the Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

    Use Exchange Management Shell commands to extract Exchange 2007 mailbox statistics from the server and display them in HTML format in Internet Explorer. 

  • Understanding message queues in Exchange 2007 Queue Viewer

    Read how Exchange Server 2007 message queue types guide mail flow through a transport pipeline and learn how to monitor the Queue Viewer to prevent issues. 

  • Hypersoft OmniAnalyser 9.0

    Learn about OmniAnalyser 9.0, a management software that monitors metrics and produces reports on IT services and applications, such as Microsoft Exchange. 

  • InTrust Plug-in for Exchange

    Track user activity, non-owner access and audits changes to configurations and permissions on Exchange Server mailboxes and servers using InTrust Plug-in. 

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  • Helpful third-party tools for Exchange Server

    Check out these 12 third-party Exchange management tools and see how they can help administrators monitor, archive and migrate Exchange servers. 

  • Clearing the confusion around circular logging

    Because Microsoft's circular logging recommendations have changed over the years based on Exchange Server version changes, there is a lot of contradictory information out there on the topic. This article explains what circular logging is and the p... 

  • Exporting Performance Monitor log data to Microsoft Excel

    Step-by-Step Guide: Exchange Server capacity planning with Performance Monitor -- part 5 of 6. 

  • Method 2: Netstat

    Tutorial: How to determine which ports Exchange Server is using, method 2: Netstat. 

  • Method 1: RPCDUMP

    Tutorial: How to determine which ports Exchange Server is using, method 1: RPCDUMP. 

  • Microsoft updates Exchange analyzer tool

    Among the new features of the diagnostic software is support for the latest version of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM). 

  • Does e-mail monitoring make you nervous?

    Answer: It should. Security expert Kevin Beaver offers some compelling reasons why e-mail monitoring shouldn't fall on your shoulders but explains what role you should play. 

  • How do you measure up on our Exchange geek-o-meter?

    I challenge you to take this quick quiz and see how you measure up on our Exchange geek-o-meter. How many can you guess without peeking? When you're done, ##share your score| with me and be entered to win a brush... 

  • Eight e-mail administration blunders to avoid

    Sometimes it's a combination of what you do and don't do that can cause e-mail admin problems. Information security expert Kevin Beaver shares some of the mistakes he has experienced -- and ones you should focus on avoiding. 

  • Exchange 2003 Events and Errors

    The following are Exchange resources from "25 Exchange 2003 Tips in 25 minutes." 

  • Exchange transaction log

    In Microsoft Exchange, a transaction log is a file that contains a record of the changes that were made to an Exchange database. 

About Microsoft Exchange Server Monitoring and Logging

Regular monitoring and analysis of SMTP traffic, network bandwidth and hardware capacity can avert potential email availability and performance failures. Discover tips and tutorials that will help you monitor your Microsoft Exchange Server email environment.