Microsoft Exchange Server Email Archiving

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  • Analyzing email archiving features for productivity

    Staff members can spend a long time each month searching and managing email. Strict email quotas force users to manage their own personal message storage, which can further impact productivity. To make sure that no significant gaps in scope or inclus... 

  • Email archiving best practices -- and tactics to avoid

    Meeting regulatory requirements means that administrators must carve out a sound email-archiving policy; making the wrong move can be costly. In this issue, you'll learn what to do and what not to do when planning your email-archiving strategy. 

  • Choosing the best email archiving product

    It's critical to identify the key features when selecting an email-archiving system for risk reduction. The most important part of the process is defining the company's email-retention goals and policies. This e-book discusses several tips for choosi... 

  • Defining an email-archiving policy

    Creating and implementing an effective email-archiving policy is one of the most important policy concerns for companies. E-discovery and lawsuits both increasingly refer to email business records. Without set policies for email archiving, companies ... 

  • Email archiving: Planning, policies and product selection

    Get the fundamentals of email archiving from start to finish in this e-book, “Email archiving: Planning, policies and product selection.” Each chapter guides IT managers through the individual phases of the email-archiving project process.

  • Email archiving strategies: Planning, policies and product selection

    With the amount of email growing, enterprises must know where to archive relevant data and be able to produce that data in the event of litigation—or be prepared to pay the consequences. Get the fundamentals of email archiving strategies from start t... 

  • Email lifecycle planning for Exchange Server

    Part of the lifecycle planning process for Exchange Server involves making up-front decisions about storing and retaining email messages. In this issue, find out why less can be more when creating a messaging archival strategy for your organization. ... 

  • Top 5 SharePoint and Exchange Server how-tos

    What are the pros and cons of using SharePoint as an email-archiving solution? What shouldn't you do when setting up a SharePoint calendar? Get those answers and more in this collecton of our five hottest SharePoint and Server 2007 tips. 

  • Email archiving: Planning, policies and product selection

    Learn the essentials of email archiving from the perspective of an IT manager in the ebook -- Email archiving: Planning, policies and product selection. 

  • Microsoft Exchange Server email archiving tutorial

    Take a closer look at email archiving in Microsoft Exchange Server. Find out how journaling and archiving work in concert, read FAQs and tutorials on journaling, storage management and managed folders and get the information you need to ensure that y... 

  • GFI MailArchiver 6 for Exchange

    Learn more about GFI MailArchiver 6 for Microsoft Exchange, which manages and archives email using auditing functionality while reducing administrative stress. 

  • Archive Migrator

    The TransVault Archive Migrator assists in migrations from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange and also allows for data migration management. 

  • LiveOffice Mail Archive

    Read about LiveOffice's Mail Archive product which is a cloud-based archiving service that requires no hardware, software or maintenance on the client side. 

  • Azaleos ArchiveXchange

    Learn about Azaleos' ArchiveXchange product which improves Exchange performance, reduces backup and recovery times and eliminates quota management. 

  • Enterprise Email Archive 5.6

    MessageSolution Inc.'s Enterprise Email Archive 5.6 for Microsoft Exchange Server features strict access controls, secured and tamper-proof storage, audit logs and message analysis to meet requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), NASD 3010, SEC 17a-4, ... 

  • ColumbiaSoft Email Archive

    ColumbiaSoft Email Archive for Microsoft Exchange Server uses Document Locator enterprise document management system to automate the capture, storage and retrieval of company-wide email records, including attachments, for e-discovery, compliance and ... 

  • Securing your Exchange Server 2007 journaling archives

    Journaling is one method to archive email in Exchange Server 2007. Because it places a copy of a target email message into a designated mailbox, journaling isn't as secure as traditional archiving methods. Learn some of the differences between email ... 

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  • ArchiveSink

    In a Windows environment, ArchiveSink is code that is activated through a defined trigger, such as the receipt of a new e-mail message, in order to archive messages coming in and out of an Exchange 2000 Server. 

About Microsoft Exchange Server Email Archiving

Whether you're trying to adhere to compliance regulations or preparing for potential litigation, email archiving and records retention are a must for most organizations. These articles, tips and tutorials will help you define your email archiving needs, implement a corporate email-archiving policy, and deploy an email archiving product that works with your Microsoft Exchange Server architecture and network systems.