Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

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  • Email lifecycle planning for Exchange Server

    Part of the lifecycle planning process for Exchange Server involves making up-front decisions about storing and retaining email messages. In this issue, find out why less can be more when creating a messaging archival strategy for your organization. ... 

  • Event logs shed light on Exchange Server DSAccess issues

    Exchange Server 2003 uses DSAccess to communicate with Active Directory. However, the distributed nature of Active Directory may make it difficult to get to the root cause of DSAccess issues. Begin the process by analyzing Event 2080 data. 

  • Top 5 Microsoft Exchange Server tips of 2009

    From making the jump from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 to which command you should use when migrating Exchange mailboxes, these were the most popular Exchange Server tips of 2009. 

  • Remove Exchange 2003 from Active Directory to install Exchange 2010

    A clean Active Directory is vital for an Exchange Server 2010 migration. If you still have Exchange 2003 remnants hanging around, use the ADSI Edit tool to remove them. 

  • Top 5 Exchange ActiveSync tips

    Being able to troubleshoot problems with Exchange ActiveSync, such as NAT firewall failures and other error messages, is crucial to keep users mobilized. This collection of top tips answers the most common ActiveSync problems our users have encounter... 

  • ExMerge gotchas to watch for when migrating Exchange 2003 mailboxes

    When migrating mailboxes in Exchange 2003, ExMerge is a good option because of its flexibility. However, you may encounter a few issues, such as Outlook rules breaking and attachments getting lost during the migration process. In this tip, Microsoft ... 

  • Microsoft Exchange Server virtualization tutorial

    Get useful information on Exchange Server virtualization best practices, comparisons of third-party virtualization platforms, an overview of Microsoft's virtualization support policy and more details on virtualizing your Exchange 2003 and Exchange 20... 

  • Top 5 Outlook Web Access (OWA) tips of 2008

    Based on your views, here are the top five Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) tips of 2008. Discover how to customize an OWA authentication logon, fix message size limits, repair damaged virtual directories and more with this collection of top tips. 

  • Top 10 Microsoft Exchange Server tips of 2008

    These top Microsoft Exchange Server tips of 2008 illustrate how to grant or deny mailbox permissions, back up and restore Exchange data with recovery storage groups, use the Performance Monitor tool to detect Exchange 2003 message queue problems and ... 

  • Setting up email disclaimers and signatures in Exchange Server

    Get up-to-speed on available methods of configuring email disclaimers in Microsoft Exchange Server, including scripts, event sinks and third-party tools. 

  • Top 10 Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 registry hacks

    Learn about 10 Microsoft Exchange 2003 registry hacks that will optimize Exchange Server performance and automate time-consuming administration tasks. 

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  • Helpful third-party tools for Exchange Server

    Check out these 12 third-party Exchange management tools and see how they can help administrators monitor, archive and migrate Exchange servers. 

  • IT jitters grow as DST deadline nears

    What's patchable for daylight-saving time and what is not? What will it cost to patch? The experts lay it out here. 

  • Dell and Symantec bundle hardware, security

    Dell and Symantec are offering an integrated package of server, storage, mail and security software to entice midsized companies that don't want to manage mail the hard way. 

  • Microsoft delivers new Exchange tool for mobile devices

    Exchange administrators have a new free tool in their quiver to help configure and validate mobile client certificate authentication for Exchange Server ActiveSync. Microsoft also released a utility that gives Exchange's Jet database a stress test. 

  • Microsoft reorg aligns Exchange with Outlook

    Exchange Server and Outlook are finally together under one management umbrella over at Microsoft. 

  • New Exchange Server freebie utilities available now

    Microsoft added to its cache of tools for Exchange Server administrators. This time, disaster recovery and performance analysis join the ever popular Best Practice Analyzer. 

  • Exchange Server SP2 hits the street

    The latest service pack for Exchange Server 2003 touts better tools to fight phishing schemes, but the cool mobile management features won't be ready for two more months. 

  • Method 3: Tasklist

    Tutorial: How to determine which ports Exchange Server is using, method 3: Tasklist. 

  • Microsoft takes aim at Blackberry with mobile e-mail

    Microsoft plans to release free tools for Exchange Server 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 that will allow e-mail and other data in Outlook to be redirected to mobile devices running versions of Windows. The move is seen as a challenge to capabilities off... 

  • IT exec deletes e-mail outsourcing contract

    The head of IT for a California real estate company pulled the plug on an Exchange outsourcing contract when he realized it was adding to the user confusion it was intended to fix. 

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  • Microsoft Exchange Global Address List (GAL)

    The Microsoft Exchange Global Address List is a list of all users and their respective email addresses within an Exchange Server organization that uses Microsoft Outlook for email. 

  • spambot

    A spambot is a program designed to collect, or harvest, e-mail addresses from the Internet in order to build mailing lists for sending unsolicited e-mail, also known as spam. 

  • privilege

    In the administration of a multi-user computer system, a privilege is an identified right that a particular user has to a particular system resource, such as a file folder, the use of certain system commands, or an amount of storage. 

  • What you should know about hosted Exchange Server

    There's a lot of buzz surrounding hosted Exchange Server, but is it all just noise? This podcast explains what's involved in the hosted Exchange model and weighs the pros and cons of moving email servers off-premise. 

About Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Exchange Server 2003 is still a very commonly used Microsoft email and messaging platform. Get tips, tutorials and tools that will help you configure, manage and troubleshoot common issues related to Exchange 2003 Standard Edition and Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition