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  • Your guide to our Exchange explained series

    Unsure about what hosted Exchange is, or what it means to virtualize an Exchange server? Our Exchange explained series dissects those topics and more. 

  • Exchange Server 2010 message security explained

    Exchange Server 2010 addresses the emergence of email as a vital yet vulnerable business tool by increasing message security. Find out which features Microsoft has enhanced. 

  • Configure CA certificates for iPhone and Exchange Server 2007

    Since the iPhone was not originally intended for enterprise use, certain operating system components -- like the certificate store -- are hard to locate and configure. But by following a few steps and properly configuring your certificates, the iPhon... 

  • How to protect an Exchange journaling mailbox from email spoofing

    In pure Exchange Server 2007 environments, traffic that flows between the hub transport servers and the mailbox servers is encrypted. This makes man-in-the-middle attacks unlikely against an Exchange journaling system, but not impossible. Get the ste... 

  • Using Exchange Server journaling as an email-archiving solution

    As more companies choose to archive email messages for e-discovery, ensuring that those archives remain secure is paramount. In this tip, you'll learn how Exchange Server archiving and journaling differ. Plus, you'll discover how to use Exchange Serv... 

  • A Microsoft Outlook email security tutorial -- 8 tips in 8 minutes

    Become a Microsoft Outlook security expert! Excerpted from "Secure Messaging with Microsoft Exchange 2003," by Paul Robichaux, this tutorial will teach you how to use a wide range of Microsoft Outlook email security features, including the Outlook se... 

  • Best Practice #10: Digitally sign and encrypt your e-mail

    Checklist: Top 10 best practices for securing e-mail clients, best practice #10. 

  • How to (really) address HIPAA

    Many organizations treat HIPAA security rule standards and implementation specifications as "high-level" and only necessary for operating systems and general business processes. Big mistake. 

  • WinZip releases encryption tool for Outlook

    File compression specialist WinZip Computing has released a utility that it says makes it easier for users of Microsoft Outlook to compress and encrypt attachments to outgoing e-mail messages. The tool uses both 128- and 256-bit encryption schemes. 

  • Signing or encrypting a message

    The following is tip #16 from "20 Tips on securing Outlook in 20 minutes." 

About Email Encryption

Email encryption can secure the integrity and privacy of messaging data during transmission. Additionally, it can protect email data where it's stored – on Exchange Server, a Microsoft Outlook email client on a desktop, a mobile device, or even a disk archive or backup tape. Discover tips and resources that will help you find the best email encryption software for your organization and help you properly implement a messaging data encryption solution.