Everything you need to know about Outlook Web Access and OWA 2010

Everything you need to know about OWA

Employees today are often mobile and remote, so it's important to keep a tight grip on Microsoft's OWA. Mastering Outlook Web Access and Outlook Web App 2010 is daunting for administrators who must tweak various configurations and do what they can to keep company data secure. We've compiled our best OWA tips and tutorials to give you everything you need to be an OWA expert.

Table of contents:

OWA administration tips

New OWA features in Exchange Server 2010
Microsoft rebranded OWA in Exchange Server 2010, but the name isn't the only thing that changed. Enhancements including Mail Tips and advanced search capabilities contribute to an improved experience.

Step up your Outlook Web App 2010 setup
When Outlook Web App's default settings just won't do, it's time to tweak. Certain configuration changes will help OWA run more efficiently and securely.

The benefits of Outlook Web App 2010 segmentation
There are many new and improved features in Outlook Web App 2010, but that doesn't mean you need them all. Here's how they impact your environment and how to disable them.

Workarounds for OWA 2010's Web browser limitations
If you're using Firefox and want to run Outlook Web App 2010 in premium mode, it will take a little IE spoofing. Find out how a user agent string comes into play.

When OWA 2007's default configurations aren't good enough
OWA runs fairly well using its default configurations in Exchange. But it could run better. Determining which virtual directory users should use and simplifying your OWA URL are two ways to improve performance.

Custom error message redirects OWA users
If users forget to include HTTPS:// in their OWA 2007 URL, they'll likely receive an error message. Set up a custom error message that redirects Outlook Web Access users to the appropriate site.

Configuration tricks to boost OWA performance
Outlook Web Access 2007's default configurations work well for most users, but what about those with slow Internet connections? You can modify Gzip compression levels and enable WebReady Document Viewing to enhance OWA performance for those users.

Troubleshooting OWA login problems
Are you struggling to log into OWA in Exchange 2003? Does opening an attachment bounce you back to the logon page? Get the answers to OWA login problems in our expert mailbag.

OWA security tips

Addressing Outlook Web App 2010 security concerns
New, user-friendly features may make OWA 2010 more appealing, but with increased use comes increased security threats. Use these tactics to protect your network.

Registry hack lets OWA 2010 users reset their passwords
Are you continuously dealing with frustrated OWA users who can't log into their accounts? This registry edit lets users reset OWA passwords, even if the passwords have expired.

Block Web beacons and protect OWA users
Web beacons confirm the validity of email addresses and notify you if spam makes it through a user's filter. Learn more about Web beacons and check out an EMS command you can use to filter them in OWA.

Override default Outlook Web Access message attachment filters
OWA might be filtering HTML attachments from your users' email messages Don't worry, there's an easy workaround to this security annoyance.

Lock down direct file access and protect Outlook Web Access users
Built-in OWA security features may not be enough to secure direct file access. But if you can't disable the feature, what's the next best security measure?

How to create multiple instances of Outlook Web Access
Creating multiple instances of OWA is a great way to assign varying sets of features to different OWA users and provide users with file share access.

Three ways to tighten OWA 2010 security
Every day, more and more users log onto corporate networks via smartphones and tablets, making stout OWA 2010 security critical. This tip outlines three specific techniques that will limit potential risks.

OWA mobile device and ActiveSync tips

How to connect an iPhone to OWA
Discover how easy it is to connect an iPhone to OWA on Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange 2010. You'll also learn how to retire your Windows Mobile device in favor of an iPhone in this tip.

Repair client access server issues to restore OWA and ActiveSync
A corrupt client access server can bring ActiveSync and Outlook Web Access to a halt. Our expert explains how to fix your most stubborn CAS problems.

OWA Light versus Exchange ActiveSync on Windows Mobile devices
Are you wondering whether to use OWA Light or Exchange ActiveSync for email messages on your users' Windows Mobile devices? Find out how each affects mobile device battery life, security, ease of use and cost.

Windows Mobile 6.5 touts Internet Explorer, OWA improvements
Windows Mobile 6.5 includes improvements including enhancements to Internet Explorer Mobile and Outlook Web Access viewing. They also let users view and use OWA while working with advanced Web applications.