An Exchange admin's guide to SharePoint 2010

An Exchange admin's guide to SharePoint 2010

It should come as no surprise that many organizations that rely on Exchange Server and Outlook for email also rely on SharePoint -- Microsoft’s collaboration platform -- for document sharing and workflow reports. What is surprising is that many of these same companies do not use all three products in tandem, thereby failing to realize the numerous benefits such a setup offers.

This guide offers expert advice on what administrators can accomplish when leveraging Exchange, Outlook and SharePoint 2010 in concert, as well as other helpful tips on SharePoint 2010.

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Table of contents:

How SharePoint 2010 can benefit Exchange organizations

In this podcast, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint expert J. Peter Bruzzese discusses his thoughts on how SharePoint 2010 affects Exchange users -- transcript included.

Configure SharePoint 2010 to send notifications through Exchange 2010

Did you know you can configure Exchange Server 2010 to send users and admins SharePoint notifications? It's just a matter of setting it up.

Set up SharePoint 2010 to scan Outlook 2010 for colleagues

Many users think social networking involves updating their Facebook status. Instead, help your employees connect with colleagues for work purposes by configuring SharePoint and Outlook 2010.

Monitor SharePoint with Outlook 2010 email alerts

The best tool to manage SharePoint 2010 alerts might just be one you already have -- Outlook 2010.

Manually move Exchange public folder data to SharePoint

See how you can save money on third-party tools by manually migrating public folder message content to SharePoint.

Moving public folder calendars and tasks to SharePoint 2010

Moving public folder calendars and contacts from Exchange to SharePoint 2010 isn't as difficult as it might seem to be. Here’s how.

More on SharePoint

Linking Exchange to a mail-enabled SharePoint 2010 document library

Once you get public folder data into SharePoint 2010, you need to give users access so they can post content to a document library.

Uncovering the hidden meeting workspace feature in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 didn't eliminate SharePoint meeting workspaces -- they're just hidden. Find them with this handy tip.

Using the Outlook Social Connector to view SharePoint 2010 sites

The biggest benefit of Outlook Social Connector isn't seeing your colleagues' LinkedIn updates; it's the ability to follow their SharePoint 2010 sites.

Does Microsoft SharePoint make a good email archiving solution?

After overhearing one Exchange admin mention he was using Microsoft SharePoint for email archiving, our contributor decided to find out if it was a suitable setup.