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Published: 12 Oct 2012

Too often administrators treat Exchange as a regular old server -- with no serious efforts put into securing it. Consider how much we rely on email in day-to-day business. Add data and legal discovery complexities to the mix, and you can't deny the importance of keeping your Exchange environment in check. The following list details common Exchange security vulnerabilities. Make sure you’re not letting threats fly in under your security radar: Gaps in the patching process -- I often find outdated or missing service packs and hotfixes on Exchange servers; some systems may not have been patched in 10 years or more. In these instances, odds are high that malicious insiders who are physically connected to your network can exploit vulnerabilities. Once exploited, these flaws can provide attackers with full administrative-level remote control of an Exchange system, letting them copy and delete data, add backdoor user accounts and more. The scary thing is that most of this activity goes undetected. Even if you're running Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or a ... Access >>>

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