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April 2011, Vol. 9

Free application collects and scans Outlook mailbox data

One limitation of Microsoft Outlook is its inability to natively gather statistics about users' email habits. While you have the option to find out how much storage a particular folder occupies, you need to turn to a third-party application for anything more complex than that. Nirsoft's OutlookStatView (OSV) gives you an easy way to extract and compile usage statistics from an Outlook user's mailbox. You don't have to install a database product or a reporting system. OSV doesn't need to be formally installed on the system it runs on; it works on any version of Microsoft Outlook. OSV scans attached mailboxes in a user's account and generates various stats about contained messages. The results are tabulated according to unique sender/recipient details and are presented in a sortable view. You can scan the message database within a particular date range. If it's your first time running OSV, you may want to only scan the previous month's messages, which is the software's default choice. This will speed things up and allow you to see...

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