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July 2010, Vol. 6

Taking the sting out of Exchange 2007 disaster recovery

What is disaster recovery? The obvious answer is that it’s the act of recovering from data loss or loss of access to key systems for a significant period of time. When you think of DR in terms of Exchange Server 2007, you’d be wise to plan for more than one disaster scenario. Instances when a user deletes a mail folder or item from his mailbox or accidentally deletes one or more mailboxes from a store don’t represent true DR situations. In those cases, you can use Microsoft’s recovery storage group feature. If you’ve configured your stores with best practice settings, you shouldn’t need to resort to backup tapes to rectify those issues. Deal with them by implementing a solid day-to-day business as usual (BAU) process. On the other hand, the following four events can truly be classified as DR situations, and they require a much more detailed level of planning: Database corruption or loss that leaves many users without access to mail Server failure that prevents all users from accessing mail Storage failure Data center loss In ...

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