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Is there a Send function for POP3 protocol?

Hi, Scott. I am developing a POP3 client e-mail for an embedded system. This is my first experience dealing with...

real communication protocols. After referring to relevant papers, etc., I developed a system that performs with almost full functionality in regards to receiving e-mails: connect to server, open messages, etc. The problem that I face is that I never encountered anything mentioning the SEND function. Please, if you know (and I am almost positive you will), let me know how and where to start. Thanks! Thanks for your confidence in my abilities! :-) In fact I do know the answer. If you're only looking at POP3 protocol and developer information, you won't find anything with a SEND function. And that is because Post Office Protocol v3 (POP3) is a client-based e-mail protocol that receives, not sends, e-mail.

For sending you'll want to look at the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). If you've done the POP3 bit, you should have no problem doing the SMTP side of things. It's basically just reading from and writing to a socket using a protocol. You can find details on the SMTP protocol in RFC 2821 and 2822. There are also some SMTP extension RFCs you might want to peruse, as well.

This was last published in March 2003

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